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10 January 2017 @ 10:15 am
Something New  
My last post was almost a year ago.

I'd like to get back into writing. I'd like to get back into a lot of things...

And stay the hell out of a lot others.

I guess my first order of business is to try to finish my sculpture and then try to write a book.

What to write about?

What do I know a lot about?

I know about a lot of random shit. I guess I know something about addiction. I guess.

I need to get out more. I feel like maybe I don't have the breadth of experience I should have.

Like, nothing that serious has ever happened, so little things totally bog me down and upset me.

Time to go to to the danger zone, I guess. I GUESS.

What a word. How timid.

It's like saying "I have no fucking clue, so if I guess, then I can't be blamed for being right or wrong."

Saying "I guess" shows such a lack of conviction and understanding.

Time to stop guessing and just do something real.

I don't guess I have talent. I do have talent.