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08 May 2016 @ 10:39 am
And now on to the show...  
For a while, I wasn't sure what I should say.

I still bite my tongue.



Unfaithful, even?

All these feelings are unnecessary.

The truth is, and as tough as it is to hear, read, or dictate, is that there is no faith in anxiety, nor "second thoughts", nor hesitation.

Rather, faith is confidence.

I will write because I know I can write. If I grab a pen and impact a tabula rasa, there will be an articulation of expression that is unique to my penmanship.

What if the pen has no ink?

Get another pen, or grab a stone and write your thoughts in etchings.

Or, even better, inflict your ideas on others by saying what it is you intend to communicate.

For instance, say I want to draw a butterfly, and the pen I have is out of ink. How should I communicate "butterfly", in my own way?

Let's experiment. Grab a pen, or a pencil, of any color, and follow these directions:

1) Draw a small oval on a sheet of paper.
2) Draw a small circle at the top of that oval (if this were a map, the northern most part of the oval you drew in step 1).
3) From the circle in step 2, draw two lines extending from the top (northern) side of the circle, the first being slightly off to the left, and the second being slightly off to the right, extending at length roughly matching the diameter of the circle from step 2.
4) Extending from the upper most part of the oval, on the right side, draw a giant "D" that ends at the bottom (southern) end of the oval. The back bone of the "D" should be the curved portion of the oval, so only the curve of the letter is necessary to draw.
5) Mirror this instruction on the left side of the oval.